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What this blog is about

Hi All ! Welcome to my weblog (blog) !

Firstly I’ve like to introduce my blog (not me yet) and what this blog is about.

In this blog you will find,

  1. Stuff about yu song’s personal life
  2. Basketball training & coaching information where players and coaches can use to enhance their level of play in the game of basketball
  3. Finance Mastery where you can read about to effectively manage your money so as to lead a higher quality life
  4. Blog is updated on a regular basis (1 post per 2 – 3 days).

Find out how to use this blog to it’s max potential , here.

Who Is Yu Song?

The content of this blog is produced by Yu Song . Some general information about him can be found here.

Yu Song operates from his laptop to update content to this blog and is always searching for new ways to improve his bball coaching to the next level , drawing experience from his own days of competitive play, he aims to teach players in a complete manner where not only is the game of basketball covered – even the more important things in life such as personal mastery and wealth mastery are emphasised.

Contact Yu Song

If you would like to have me coach you in any aspect of your life, please feel free to contact me at my personal email here.

Photos With My Players


Sean , Thian Seng And Me (players 09-10)

LPJ champions 

Championship Team LPJ , Han Wei, Aik Peng, Wei Da, Dalton, Hao Xiang , Chun Long (manager) and Me (coach) (players 08-09)

Photo With My Brothers

shi long n me Shi Long And Me (presenting S$ 300 to him! ^^)

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