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My Priority As A BasketBall Coach

coach_carter Recently (actually today) I heard that some of my player’s seniors seems to feel that I am not as good as a basketball coach compared to their current one.

Random Fact: My favourite coach is coach carter (yes the movie one – its based upon a real life story, youtube it to find the video for the real coach carter interview)

First and foremost, I wanna specify that I coach for one reason & one reason ONLY



It is not within my agenda , principles nor wish to compete with another coach (although bball is a competitive game ). I believe if you ever become a coach, it should and always should be about


Not for fame, glory or money (no pun intended)

My first priority for my players is mastery skills, meaning at the end of my coaching , my players should be equipped with

  1. Have strong moral backbone
  2. Able to lead a life of fulfillment
  3. Being able to foster social relationship in an outstanding fashion
  4. Finance Mastery
  5. Personal Mastery
  6. Emotional Mastery
  7. Academics Excellence
  8. Basketball Skills
  9. Mindset Of A Champion (think 7 habits of highly effective people)

This is what I have in mind for all of my players. None of them is about myself, its all about


So if people were to wanting me to compare with other coaches(means trying to ask me to compete with other coaches) , i’ve say they are a far cry from ever succeeding, my aim and goal is for my players and only my players

Just a random side note, I overheard that some players mentioned that I should play a 1 v 1 with another coach if I think I can coach better.

My philosophy is this : Being a great player doesn’t automatically makes you a great coach

A metaphor I like to use is this

Imagine 2 primary school teachers, trying to teach 7 yrs old how to do sums like 1 + 1 = 2, and 3 x 3 = 9. One of the teacher is a diploma graduate while the other is a P.H.D (Doctorate). Does that automatically means that the PHD teacher will teach better? answer: no . (the reverse is also true)

Point of matter, you do not need a doctorate to teach primary school maths

And you do not need to be a national player to teach secondary school basketball.(It would complement you if you am already an outstanding coach)

Personally , I chose to teach under 16s because I had played 2 yrs of under 18 league and a year of open league. And I feel fully qualified to teach basketball skills to 14 and 15 yrs old.

I hope this dismisses any wild claims of me trying to do anything that is not mentioned in the above post.

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