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Outing To Sammy’s Curry

Last Tuesday was our office’s outing to Sammy’s curry in celebration of my two supervisor’s grand occasion :) posting a few photos for memory sake.. and yea.. the food was good!



Mr Rayman doing what he does best..                    Mdm Siok Ha , Harold And Raymannn!



Everyone’s waiting for the food…                                  Do I look like some robot of the future?



Fir focusing on his.. food?                                                Try on the specs fir!!


And a group photo of my whole office except.. mr yang! & wayne!=( ok nevermind i’ll add them another time! =p

Rest And Relax

Fresh Air Today I took a day off work and stayed at home to rest my very injured back.. and thanks to alex wang for helping me with my injury (hes a sports chinese therapist) cause without him, i think i would not be playing basketball up till today.

Its amazing how little rest like these can really bring a sense of simple joy to life and its not as if I’ve struck a million dollars =)

I suppose breaking up my routine sometimes can really help bring in new fresh air to the boring routine that happens to us daily.

Do you take a day off from your routine? If you dont know what your routine is, chances are you’re stuck with one :P

A short little post here as all my bball posts has shifted to become a bballer official website =)

Check it over there as I’ve added some fresh content today =)

Respect In BasketBall

This video touched my heart.. and I would like to share it with all my friends and readers =)

This is how basketball at its highest level should be like..

The fans make those two seems like “Rivals” .. but they are only rivals on the floor..

Basketball is a game that should bring joy to everyone.. anytime on the floor.. there should be joy.. even in competing..

thanks kobe and lebron =)

Become A BBaller

babblogo2 Its been a long time since I last posted! Largely due to my mounting schedule but I didnt forget you guys! :)

In the midst of all the busy schedule , I’ve squeezed out some time everyday to prepare materials and content for a blog that I’ve been preparing for a few months now ^^

Introducing.. Become A BBaller.com !

So for today.. I’ll refer you guys over to my bball blog where you’ll find

2 featured articles on basketball


1 featured article on yu song’s basketball time line (never released before!!)

SO.. head over now.. to a blog filled with lots of basketball content!

See you there!

Slinging A Bag

sling bag I haven’t been posting much due to my pretty much hectic nights this weekdays. Monday , Wed, Thursday was devoted to basketball – something which I feel is not sustainable as I have many other priorities in life, Tuesday I went with Xin Hao & Zi Wei to Wat Palelai.

On the way back from basketball on Thursday, I was sling-ing my bag on my left shoulder only and my bag kept dropping to my elbows, after much annoyance, I decided to sling my bag across my shoulders and that was the end of the annoyance . I walked home in peace with my bag.

Now why would i mention this? Because I had a “enlightened” moment in that moment and I would like to share it with you – it’ll not be written as i typically do – .

When one decides to carry out a habit or action , there are two kinds of people – from the observation of this act.

First Kind – People who sling their bags upon their shoulder (either right or left)

Second Kind – People who sling their bags across their shoulders

And how does the first kind of people act upon making a decision to do something?

The first kind of people sling the habit or action upon one shoulder and goes on the path of life.

And how does one who slings the bag upon one shoulder walk like ?

One who slings the bag upon one shoulder and walking the path will find that in times of difficulty – i.e. hitting a hole in the ground or slipping – the bag falls off the shoulder and the habit or action is either temporarily stopped or abandoned totally.

And how does the second kind of people act upon making a decision to do something?

The second kind of people sling the habit or action across the shoulder and goes on the path of life.

And how does one who slings the bag across the shoulder walk like?

One who slings the bag across the shoulder and walking the path will find that in times of difficulty – i.e. hitting a hole in the ground or slipping – the bag does not fall off the shoulder and the bait or action is either maintained or strengthened.

Such is the way of a committed person – slinging his decisions based upon what is right and good, he does not heedlessly sling his bag upon one’s shoulders but across one’s shoulders.

Such is the way of a determined person – slinging his decisions based upon what is right and good, he does not heedlessly sling his bag upon one’s shoulders but across one’s shoulders.

In doing so, one does not based off his action which is right and good with his emotions or feelings.

In doing so, one will stick to his action which is right and good regardless of his emotions or feelings.

Thus is the way of one who slings his bag across his shoulders.

Sec 3 to sec 4 transition – The end of the tunnel (1)

ice drink As I mentioned in the previous story , “A” students are just students that take one extra baby step more than others on a consistent basis. Many have came to me about what this “baby” step is, before I unveil the secret, let me share with you how I came across this “Secret”…

Actually this secret was already taught to this by our great physics teacher mr tan peng yeong , however I didnt apply it to every subject I was taking back then. Until one day, my dad bought me a book – perhaps in desperation - “If I Am Gifted , So Are You” . I read this book somewhere in march right after my common tests results was announced – much to my disappointment I didn’t do well at all.

I made a decision there and then that, if I didnt do something about my grades NOW, a few things are going to happen

1) I will flung my exams and my O levels , along with my future

2) I will not be able to play basketball to the fullest – because I have to spend time doing homework

3) I would live a life of misery as I struggle to just pass tests

Why was I so certain the above 3 things will happen? Simple, I’ve been living the above three for three years (sec 1 to sec 3) – and honestly I’ve had it .

Hence I decided to apply “the secret” to the area of my studies and the true secret is , the power of…


What is momentum? It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill capped with snow and the snowball just keeps getting bigger and bigger as the snowball rolls faster and faster!

Now you might ask “How do I apply the principles of momentum into my studies?!”

There are so many things you can do.. but the key here is this

You have to take a baby step now! Note that this small baby step could be anything ! Let me elaborate my own case so as to benefit you =) I started…

* to not watch TVs anymore

* to pack my room and make a big study area for myself

* to view homework as a challenge and not as a problem

* to planning my revision schedule

* to draw my own mindmaps for individual topics

* study the subject matter before every class

* and many more

Its worth noting that the first baby step I took was to eliminate TV from my life ( I was catching 2-3 hours of drama daily) and then I suddenly had more time for homework! Then my tests results started to improve and homework didn’t seem so bad ! Followed by… etc etc

You see my friends, its all about taking the first step , once you take that first step , everything goes on auto-gear not because you’re so disciplined but because the results you get is so rewarding!

“I am sure most of you know “what to do” but seldom do people do “what they know” , why?”

Because they do not build momentum! My suggestion of building momentum is simple, take your life and habits now as a glass of hot water thats filled up to the brim, trying to add new habits without removing some old ones is like pouring cool water unto a cup of hot water – it overspills.

“Building momentum in this case is to remove some water from the cup and add ice to it.

Then now the drink is cooler to drink and you enjoy it in the hot sunny weather. Then you remove more water

and add more ice”

Of course there is a balance point where you shouldn’t over do it – by adding too much ice – because then you get a brain freeze which is bad for you . Our aim is to concoot a cool drink , and the way to do that is first remove some hot water then add some ice – a cool drink.

Back to my story, after applying the power of momentum , everything just went on auto-gear, I find myself studying less and learning more, I had alot of time to play the game I love – and improve upon it, and my test results were excellent! (topped my class for mid year exams) .

During the “O” levels, I merely had to step up 1 extra hour per day to my daily studying schedule – which was not much of a problem, while my peers were stepping up 4-5 hours on a daily basis just to make it to a pass.

Now I hope my readers will take action and capitalise on the power of momentum and start living a life that is filled with more freedom and less restrictions (from homework & revision) !

be careful what you’re conditioned to


Hi all my readers, it’s been a long week for me as my NS duties start to stack and hence lesser time to come up with quality posts for you guys to read ><”

Finally have some time on a friday to share with you guys something I have a big “feel” for during the course of this week..

It’s common for humans to take shortcuts, this is especially so on a sub-conscious level or the level of the mind. This means that sometimes the process of determining what something means to us is so fast that we dont even realise it , Let me give you an example..

old lady

Old Lady-Young Woman Illusion

young lady

Have a look at the picture on the left.. then the right.. followed by center.. what do you see?

yes.. on the left its a young lady, on the right is an old lady, and in the center, whatever you focus on appears! (either as a young or old lady depending)

These sort of thing has an important teaching point, how we view things is based on our conditioning . And our conditioning is due to the fact that our mind works so fast that it forms a loop that helps us to give meaning to things, while this may be good to us in general, if we’re not aware of this phenomenon, it can cause us to suffer badly. 

If this is getting too complex.. let me simplify it..

3 important teaching points here is,

1) What we see is based on what we’ve saw before

2) What we see now will determine what we’ll see later

3) What we see either before or now may not be entirely true.

make sense?

take for example.. when you were young, you were told that you were “Stupid” for not following instructions given..(what you’ve seen before) so next time when you see someone not following instructions what do you think of that person? S-T-U-P-I-D ! (what you see now)

But does that mean that not following instructions means that it’s stupid? NO! (what we see now or before may not be entirely true)

so now is a good time to ask, do you find yourself accepting your scriptings.. example.

I just can’t do maths…

I just can’t talk to people…

I am a crude person, thats how I talk …

I am poor at sports…

Ask yourselves.. what made you think that way? what happened??!

If you are able to see it, then you must remember, it is not entirely true! We need to be aware of these things.. what make us think the way we do? is it true? or is it just another case of continuous conditioning ?

Share with me your thoughts on this current post in the cbox or comments area

Kobe bryant just talented? read on

I am going to save my words in this post and instead use a video and an excerpt from ganon baker’s blog to show you that champions are made not born.

Kobe Bryant Scores 61 @ madison square garden


And then.. his routine in his off-season

(adapted from : Ganon Baker Bball Blog)

Below is the summer workout schedule he does in the off-season.  This is Monday-Friday.

5:30 a.m. - Wake Up

6:30 a.m. - Weight Room (no music and no lights on, he likes complete focus) 6:30 -7:15

9:00 a.m. - Hit the Court until 10:30 with Drills and Skills (Kobe said he might work on the same move 100 times in a row)

1:00 p.m. - Hits the beach for a run, runs hills or on the track until 2:00.

3:30 p.m. - Taekwon-doe, Pilates, Yoga or a massage until 4:00 p.m.

That my friends is the life of a champion. – Ganon Baker