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How Do I Handle My Money? – Part 1

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I am half-writing this to remind myself about the importance of proper finance management ( ability to handle money) and half writing this to suggest a way of handling money to all my readers.

There are many questions shrouding the mystery of handling one’s cash and one’s ever elusive conquest to master his money.

Before I go on to the actual strategy of handling cash, perhaps a fitting question to ask is


“Why Should I Learn How To Handle My Money?”

I am going to list out some benefits here

  1. You will never be in a situation where you need to borrow – to survive
  2. You will have the money to buy the stuff you want – besides your needs
  3. You will be able to provide for your family with point 1. and point 2.

These are just some immediate benefits you’ll see , there are other long term factors as well.

So alot of people at this point of time will say

“I Already Don’t Have Enough Money To Spend , How Can I Save?!”

Bingo! It’s precisely because you don’t have enough to spend, that’s why you must save!

When I first started having my own money, I also fell into the trap of never having enough to spend! And when I needed something (think ipod , computers) , I found that I have no money to pay for it ! How disappointing!

However, now I often have enough to spend and often can “splurge” money on some “luxury” items ^^

Let’s examine this together, let me use a metaphor here, let’s say the roof has holes and when it rains the roof leaks. What do you do ? Repair the roof or wait for it to rain then start sweeping?

leaking roof

I think the answer is obvious – repair your roof. In the same way, the cause of having not enough to spend is improper money management. Hence , if you want to have money to spend you need to start managing your money well – by saving first.

“Ok So I Start Saving For The Things I Want To Buy?”

Yes and No.

Yes , because it’s the the better way to buy the stuff you want

No , because if you spend all your savings on the stuff you want, then you’re back to zero again – and this does not solve the long term problem of money.

There is a way to manage your money such that you’ll be able to both save for the things you want and solve the issue of money in long term.


I’ll leave you to ponder about what I’ve just written =)

Keep checking back at this blog to find out how you can manage your money in such a way that it can solve money issues in the long term!

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