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Ganon Baker Crazy Stuff

I was thinking of working on my shooting and vertical when I came across an “old time friend” – ganon baker. (I used to watch his videos before). Oh and he has alot of credentials, including being amare stoudamire’s personal skill development coach, michael jordan europe tour head coach and kobe bryant skills academy head trainer.

Now for me at an earlier age of basketball , his drills was IMPOSSIBLE to me. Yes you got that right. As a young player I never found those drills possible. But now I know better – I’ve missed some of my best chances to advance as a player . But I do intend to workout myself back to shape and become a better player than I was ever before.


When I was younger, my focus was on vertical, driving , blocking shots and acrobatic finishes. As my age advances now, I would like to shift my focus to ball handling, passing , court vision, defense and shooting. It is the fundamental basic skill – something not glamorous , but wins you games and make second & third rounds .

So to all my readers, here’s a crazy drill from ganon baker.

To my players, I challenge you to master this drill before I do ^^ (yes i cant even do this now =.= )

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