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HillGrove Versus Bukit Panjang Govt. high

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Today’s game was by far the best performance ever by hillgrove secondary. Their defense was solid and their offense was nothing short of impressive. The thing that impressed me the most was their will to win, they fought so hard that I couldn’t sit down at all! I stood for the whole match – watching in awe and feeling so proud for them.

It’s been a while since i last felt this way, when my players make a play or make a good defensive stop, i felt my heart beat a few times and something told me “whow, these are my players ^^ “

For a while I felt like these were my kids =x But i truly take them as all my younger brothers and its an honour to know them ^^

The coach was also did a good job today coaching the boys, he was giving them confidence and just simply supporting them in every way.

“I felt like a cheer-leader , jumping up and down on the sideline cheering for my players :) I hope they were glad to see me ^^ ”

Actually I forgot how the match went, because i was so focused on my players and every second I was just standing in awe thinking “Whow these are my players”

But HillGrove lost on the scoreboard but in my heart they are true winners – true champions.

Dedicate the below 2 videos to all my players :)

Left – Michael Jordan , Champion

Right – Kobe Bryant , Heart Of A Champion

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