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The Amount Of Wealth you can ever gain

Sitting here , suddenly a thought occurred as I just sat back and enjoyed the bliss.. like cool water running down my neck , cleansing my heart and streamlining my mind..

“There is no wealth nor

health greater than a peace of mind”

Indeed there is no wealth comparable to a mind that’s strong filled with energy

Indeed there is no health comparable to a mind that’s unshaken by the greatest quakes on earth

Just enjoying this bliss of a peace of mind.. I can understand why some great people described this feeling as “A Heart Released”

Although my peace of mind is still rough and coarse.. it is a glimpse of what is to be.. I’ll strive at it..

Action speaks louder than a thousand words..

If indeed the dhamma is so good, why was i suffering trying to get people to practice it? irony.

Peace of mind, its the only way to show others the way .

Bridges Of Flames

fire on water This story does not depict reality but instead a metaphoric representation of reality.

This morning , I awaken to a burning sensation throughout my entire body , as if on fire, with no place to run. After a while, from the skies came a bridge that was aflamed lashing down unto me like whips  , without time to dodge, it hit me squarely across my shoulders as I bent in submission to it’s flames – 2 narrow pathway was made , each just nice for one’s feet , no wider .

Glancing back at the trail of the burning bridge, I see no end , glancing forward of the burning bridge, I see no end , the rocks beneath my bare foot was heated up by this lashing bridge that my feet was on fire, gradually, my whole body was on fire – a flame that burns right through the bones.

A slave to this flame, I’ve been walking and walking on this bridge from no beginning to no end, although sometimes it rains , the rains are droplets of oil – only to ignite the flames more as time passes.

As my eyesight improves, I see my friends burning , my parents burning , all those whom i know, burning, walking along this same narrow bridge behind & in front of me , there is no relief of this burning on the front or back of this bridge, anyone who tries to pull the other has to be careful , else one might just be stepped and more burning occurs.

Suddenly, from the side came a hand and a voice that says “ Step aside, that is all” . Stepping aside, relief was obtained. Though dirty and tattered, with burn scars all over, joy occurred as the body was no longer burning – but burnt. 

Then came the voice again “ You shouldn’t step into that flames again nor allow it to burn you anymore , Untainted, cooled , refreshed – this is the highest bliss”

Flames of craving, Flames of desire , Ignited by delusion , Support By greed, Backed By hatred, Filled with doubt , burning in the trails of its own menace , there is no end , step aside, where it’s cool here.

Getting Stronger…

As I interact with more people and get to know more friends.. My mentality has strengthen and less critical of people and more loving towards them..

This is a learning process for me , especially in the area of work.. it seems vital to be able to master such inter-personal communication skills..

And to cater to different people.. different skill sets are needed..

I need to get even stronger to be un moved by the problems of my closer friends..

or else i will not even be able to sleep in peace.

Life is a set of repeated habits

good-habits-bad-habits Our lifes is comprised of many sets of different habits put together!

Which side do you brush your teeth from?

Whats the first thing you do when you wake up?

How do you decide what to feel when something happens?


Some habits are more deeply ingrained than others , however , we have the will power (mind) to change these habits if we decide to..

Do it now! (more sharing later on…)

Powerless To Aid..

Seldom in my life do i feel powerless towards events... I suppose this is a phase of life when i truly feel that nothing I can do can change the situation around for the better..

maybe its better for me to let things take it's nature course and play my role accordingly.. instead of forcing my beliefs and ideas unto you..

My sincere wish is that suffering will not befall those who pay my advise no heed..

Sometimes being selfish may be the path towards fruition.. If i cant save everyone.. at least i can save myself (from suffering)

I'll hold much of my peace from towards hence forth.. and will only answer when asked upon.

I hope my decision today is for the better of all beings and not in opposition to it.

The Foolish Leading The Fools

why-drunk-people-show-no-fear Many a times it saddens me to see a scenario where a fool is led by a bunch of fools – only to be fooled.

Fools here does not refer to people whom are stupid , in fact they are very intelligent. It refers to people whom are ignorant , ignorant of the truth of matters.

Why do I say this?

Recently , I know a few friends whom drinks on a frequent basis , and these lot of people constitute of the foundation of fools. It is they who lead others into foolishness (drinking in this case)

And who is to be lead by them? those whom do not establish themselves in correct view. And those who think that the first bunch of fools are their “Friends”.

I’ve posted a post before regarding friends, you can find it here.

One is not your friend if he is a companion in indulging in intoxicants that cause
infatuation and heedlessness .

And how can this be more true?

After one particular drinking sessions of the fools, I out of curiosity asked on of them ,

“why do you ask James (pseudonym) to go drinking with you?”

The reply i got?

“no la.. i merely told him I was going and he made a choice himself!”

so i asked more

“So whos going to take care of him?”

he replied

“man, everyone has to take care of themselves at the bar, if you want to do any wrong things, thats your problem”

I was in total shock, asking your friend to drink with you whilst you dont bother about his safety ?

Thus the buddha said ..

A friend is when..

(i) he guards the heedless,
(ii) he protects the wealth of the heedless,
(iii) he becomes a refuge when you are in danger,
(iv) when there are commitments he provides you with double the
supply needed.

So if a bunch of people go drinking , everyone gets drunk, how does anyone become anyone’s refuge?

Hence i conclude, its a bunch of big fools , leading a bunch of smaller fools , all going to be fooled into the three lower realms.

Thinking of which, it saddens me alot.

Communication Is Not About The Words

Having read a fair share of books on communication , I dare to bodly say that communication still remains a problem for most individuals because most people - like myself - only focuses on the techniques on communication and not the intention behind every conversation.

Whilst I am not undermining the importance of techniques, I find it far less critical in holding a conversation.

Some typical things that we may have came across are..

1. Dont use the word "BUT , substitute it with "AND"

2. Dont talk , listen

3. Always start by emphatising with the other party then bring in your point

In my opinion, these things come naturally when one is truly adept at communication. Great communication doesnt come by mastering such things - it is a natural reaction which comes with great communication.

It the same logic as you cant grow durian trees from durians but from seeds of durians. No one grows a durian tree from a durian shell but from the durian seed!

And so what is the seed of great communication? Now the simplest and most beautiful phrase for the seed of great communication is this

The ability to put yourself in another person's shoes.

It takes alot of observation and right attention to pick up even the subtlest of signs from the other party in order to hold a great communication.

The moment you can put yourself in another person's shoes, communication will flow!

The problem with most people is they ask "Why should I bother about the feelings of the other person ? , I have enough problems myself!"

I cannot answer the above question for you, to speak for myself I would reply as..

Its a joy to bring joy to others, even at the expense of one's own

Just think ... how does it feel when someone elses does something nice for you?

Now , that is food for thought.