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My Youth Team ‘09

Hi All,

I would like to honour my players whom have all played so well and to best honest, they blew me away with their performance and every game I witness just makes me more proud of them.

As I stand by the side-lines , i beam with glory and pride, when others ask me about them , I always say

“Those are my players ^^” with pride and honour.

I feel compelled to dedicate one post in my blog to let my players know how proud am I of them. (list alphabetically)

C. K

Ck played minimal minutes in the first two games, however when he was on the floor I could sense his hustle and will to win. I would like to emphasis in the third game, he just leaped the ladder in improvement. I beamed as I saw the way he played. He made defensive stops that was only capable by someone with immense mental toughness , he took shots and drives with a excellent timing. C.K has shown tremendous improvement in the third game ^^

C.K factors : Simplicity (he plays a simple and non-fanciful game) , humility (always willing to learn)


Rubin was the support “hero” for his team, doing all the little stuff . He played a bit of everything, defense, hustle , anything the team needed. I remember his unselfish plays in all games plus his shot selection was commendable. Although he looks “cool” on the outside, he’s always giving his 101% on the floor without a doubt ^^

Rubin factors : Unselfish plays


Sean played way beyond my expectations in games, his rpg (rebounds per game) easily averages at 4-5 , and is amazing for someone who plays only 10-20 mins per game. He also made defensive stops – largely un-noticed – which were crucial to his team. Sean is also another player whom does all the little stuff (boxing out, hitting shots , defense) .

Sean factors : Effort , Effort, Effort

Thian Seng

Thian Seng is perhaps the most talented driver in the team. His drives are explosive and his finish is acrobatic and often creative. Shades of his explosive drives always impresses me to no end -  especially in game 3. He is also a fairly good shooter plus good shot selections. These 3 qualities are rarely found in a single player – but thian seng has them all.

Thian Seng factors : Creativity, Acrobatic finish


Tommy is the guy whom has the best vertical amongst my players and is not afraid to show it. I’ve seen him leap pass players taller than him and scoring – on all attempts. HIs athleticism also makes him a player that – once his fundamentals are polished – once he gets pass you, its over (think allen iverson). Tommy also exhibits a thirst for knowledge and is not shy to source for ways and means to improve on his own.

Tommy factors : Athleticism  , Vertical , Initiative

Zi Yang

Zi Yang posies the “gentlemen” factor in his team. Always calm and compose , zi yang seemingly nevers loses his calm in tense situations. The thing that impresses me (and am proud of) zi yang is his unshakable confidence – so rare . When you calm, compose and confident, not many players will mess with you. With proper skills and mindset, zi yang can be easily counted on to lead his team to many victories

Zi Yang factors : poise, confidence

Ah! I am so proud of all of you :) By far the most talented bunch of players i’ve coached so far in my 3 years of coaching youth basketball. Well done boys ^^

p.s. Game proper will be updated either tomorrow or saturday. I want my players name to top my blog for at least a while ^^

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