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New Year Resolution

Hi again ^^ I know a lot of people who makes resolutions never ever complete them , well , I suppose making resolutions beats making no resolutions, because those who do not make any resolutions have nothing to complete – let alone complete anything.

In the year 08, I made resolutions from a career-oriented perspective – with my career in mind- , however, soon after I made the 3 resolutions which are

• Earn S$ 1 ,00 , 000 (One Hundred Thousand)
• Have 100 people working under me
• I forgot the last one =x

I left my career. So it appears that none of my resolutions came through!

So for this year, I’ve decided to make simpler resolution this year ^^

• I want to dunk again
• I want to earn my first S$ 80 , 000
• I want to coach my own BBall Team with 10 players
• I want to reach my basketball fitness body again
• I want my house to be clean , simple and sharp (like my blog is =x )

Simple? Actually I still have a lot of wishes, but I have not resolved to do them yet (hence no resolution!)

If you are reading this and can contribute to my resolutions , please leave a comment or tag on the right ^^

p.s. S$ 80 , 000 starts with S$ 1, so if you have a dollar to spare, give it to me! Make my resolution come true .

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