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HillGrove Versus Swiss Cottage







Match was played on 20 Jan, posting late cause I was too tired yesterday

Match began well and hillgrove took a very large lead (10+ points) in the first half of the game. Basically swiss cottage wasn’t executing well and hillgrove’s defenses was just too tight and too fast.

Come second half of the game, things started to change as i believe fatigue started to set in for the players and swiss cottage took advantage by playing very physically. Physical toughness proved to be effective as swiss cottage quickly cut their lead to within 8 near the end of regulation.

However hillgrove adopted a strategy of winding down the clock and reducing their offense significantly to hold the lead , 43 – 35 , hillgrove wins.

Coaching Point:

I was just talking to sean a while ago,and I remembered something my coach once told me last time (Coach De Wei)

“If you cannot outplay your opponent, outwit him”

And Coach De Wei definitely did what he taught us. He was the smartest guy on the floor, once guarding a 1.9m centre when he only stands at 1.6+ m . He totally shut down the centre and it was the most amazing defensive performance i’ve ever seen.

You don’t need fancy footwork to play defense well at times, the most important thing in defense is your WILL to STOP the opponent.

Ask yourself this “If you were playing catching with your opponent, will you let him pass you that easily? – what’s more that now he has a extra bball with him to further restrict his movements”

Major food for thought guys :)

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