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#1 Key To Grow your Bball Skills exponentially

Today’s training marks the starting of emphasising 2 key concepts that i’ve learned from Ganon Baker

  1. When you practice, you have to practice at a pace and rate where .it’s not comfortable for you – break out of your comfort zone (health issues must not be a concern here – if you have health issues, listen to your doctor’s advise)
  2. We do not aim for perfection, instead , we aim for persistence.

Elaborating on point 1 )

Alot of players (in fact i would say up to 95% of players) train at a level where they’re comfortable with. Now there’s no real problem with training comfortably except that it brings little growth.

“Training at a comfortable level brings you little growth.”

Taking an example of push ups, let’s say you can do a maximum of ten push ups, which one gives you the most growth? Number Eleven. (11)

So for today’s training (Rubin and Gordan turned up), I had rubin do some drills that he had done before – this time at a higher intensity and faster speed. He was losing the bball all over the place and finding it tiring. The main point is this – his growth was tremendous .

Because Rubin was willing to break out of his comfort zone  , his growth was exponential.

To point 2)

As i mentioned, Rubin lost the bball a whole lot of times, this is where persistence – rather than perfection – comes into play, you ought to lose the bball a few times during practice, if you don’t then you’re still at a level where you’re comfortable at.

The key here is to persist, lose the bball? grab it back! that’s how you play the game!

Overall, I am certain that if players are willing to practice at a level where growth takes precedence over comfort , their growth will be exponential

Afterall, that’s how michael jordan and dr julius erving did it :)

Are you afraid to break out of your comfort zone to bring your game to the next level?


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