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clock_screen02 Recently has been feeling very tired , that was a norm for me . I wasn’t exactly a very energetic guy for a long time.

Most part of the reasons being that I’ve been sleeping fairly consistently at  1am everyday and waking up for the next day at 7am or so. That’s 6 hours of sleep per day. And i am barely scarping through everyday with all the nonsense food intake (think fried, sugary , meat , eggs , milk , yeast , acid).

So my body finally broke down on 14 Jan 09 , i started getting a slight sore throat and my body was feeling a deep fatigue. I immediately recognised the signals and started to take “Remedial Actions”.

On a side note, most people would’ve consulted the doctor and got a whole bunch of pills. I would too – last time. But this time, i recognised that my body is reacting to my lifestyle – so the only true long term solution is to have a lifestyle change.

The first thing I did was to pump the greens, I took 3-4 cups of greens at night prior to bed on 14 Jan and 15 Jan. Things got “Worst” so to speak , i felt even more tired and started having this dryness in my tongue – the thirst for more water. At this point of time, I was drinking ~ 2.5 L of water per day.

So Fri came (16 Jan) and things got to a “breaking point” where I started to feel really bad in the evening (5-6pm) , I remember taking the MRT while feeling half like shit. After alighting from the MRT, i hoped onto my dad’s car and guess what? I fell asleep for a good 10 minutes.

When I woke up again, I actually felt GOOD. That was when it occured to me that I wasn’t sleeping enough. I went home and hit the beds(sleep). Slept from 6.30pm to 8pm and woke up for dinner. then slept again from 11pm to today(17jan) 6.50am. When I woke up, i felt a surge of anger and pain, not directed at anyone , just felt angry. In order to ease this feeling, I thought of the people I loved (like my players sean, thian seng, gordan , zi yang, tommy , ck , rubin etc), thanks guys that helped :)

Got up , eat breakfast, went to sleep again from 8am to 11am. Got up, do some housework , and had my lunch. At 4pm i went to sleep again till 6pm . So in a total of 2 days , I slept for 14 hours or so , thats more than twice of the amount of sleep i get on a daily basis!

Now I feel all better! This incident has taught me an invaluable lesson, you cannot cheat your body of the sleep you need.

“And a person who cannot find time to stay healthy will soon find time to nurse their sickness.”

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