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How To Use This Blog

Hi there everyone, I thought I’ve introduce a few features of my blog here ^^ and hopefully you’ll use them to make this blog a success together with me.

  1. Theres 3 post (max) on the blog at any one time
  2. Theres a comment function below every blog post, please post your comments about what you’ve just read
  3. Theres a cbox to the right, please leave a message whenever to show me that you’re actively interested in my blog =p
  4. To the right side-bar, you’ll find many interesting stuff , feel free to scroll them down and fill up the poll (if any) while you’re at it!


I’ll be establishing “days” where I’ll set aside to particularly post about a certain topic. So for now here they are:

Monday : My Money Matters

Please leave a comment and tag to show active interest in my blog! =)

Thanks! :D

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