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Our Body Is a Fish Tank


I’ve long heard of the theory that our body functions like a fish-tank , complete with filters , gravels (i.e. sand at the bottom) and plants.

But it’s always one thing to know and another to truly recognise and accept the fact (And see it in motion). The first thing that struck me was when i was washing my tank’s sponge, simply rinsing it with water is not enough, I had to apply water pressure in order to push the dirt out, now how does this apply to our bodies?


I’ve always wondered where all the junk , fats , processed stuff and colourings go when we ingest them. At first , our body would destroy and eliminate them(just like the bacteria in a fish tank would eliminate toxic stuff at first)

Gradually, the tox is too much and so our body filters them (just like a fish tank would filter it – through it’s gravel or into the sponge in the filter).

Thus far, the tank remains clean & clear (we are still okay! ^^) However, as the tox continues to rise, the tank slowly becomes tainted (i.e. yellow or green) and becomes a bit unsightly. Just like humans becoming a little fatter ( its a mechanism in which our bodies uses fat to buffer the toxic – acidic in nature) like this…


The tox continues to rise and now the fishes start to fall sick.. now thus far everything that happens to the fish tank happens to the human body, but when the fishes fall sick, even not so-professional fish rearer’s would agree that the first step is to change the water.

However, when it happens to our human body, what do we do? We eat medication and continue to ingest junk . Whilst I am not against taking medication, we should also do well to remember to change our water! (in the case of a human body, its the blood – the idea is to slowly eat foods that cleanses and boosts the blood )


Now back to the human body, as our body starts to cleanse out the tox within our “filters” , its really not as relaxing as washing the filter sponge, because we can’t take out our organs and rinse them. The tox is directly thrown back into the system before being eliminated.

This feeling is not good.. but it’s necessary.  Just a few days back , I started taking some very cleansing and alkalising substance , apparently it was quite strong and my body just started to throw everything out. I got coughs , lots of phelgm , headaches and fatigue. Not a good feeling , but i kept on super-hydrating(lots of water water) and continued to use the cleansing and alkalising substance.

Now I do feel better, and I can think clearer , but I am tired. :(

So I’ll keep posting soon ^^

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