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Coming Up With a New Weblog

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These few days, my thoughts has been on the above 2 topics, helping my players excel in their grades and excel on the court. I’ve had many many ideas and I am both confident and certain that I can bring about this to happen. I’ve done it as a player myself, and I am even more informed and better equipped with the necessary skills to help my players replicate and surpass my previous success. 

As I am not able to physically manifest myself all over my player’s houses and meet up with 6 different people on 6 different nights, I’ve decided to opt for 2 options (and i intend to adopt both)

  1. Setup a Web-Log filled with informative stuff to help my players (eventually will become a online e-course)

  2. Provide group tutions at a particular area which can accommodate my players and myself

So for now, the Web-Log is a first priority as I’ve been planning it for a while now ^^

Dear all my players reading this, what name do you want the new web-log to be?

Tommy has given me his suggestions already ^^

in order for your entries to be valid , please enter is into your web browser to ensure it’s not taken up yet. :)

looking forward to your feedback (please put it in the cbox to your right or in the “Comments” section below you)

p.s WeB-Log  is the actual term for “Blog”

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