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Shi Long and Billy is going to NS!

My two closest brothers is going to Enlist into National Service!

Shi Long is going to become a Police Officer!

like the guy on the left.. he'll keep us sleeping soundly at night ^^ I always saw this day coming.. Well i met shi long when I was 15 years old.. I am now 21 =.= Haiz.. how fast time flies eh?

I believe he'll do well in NS.. because his un-canny ability to communicate with people is well.. uncanny lol!

Anyway police's BMT is fairly more close to city life unlike my next brother.. whos going to *gasp* tekong!

Yep.. Billy is going to Tekong to serve under the SAF..

I don't know much about the SAF (i am from police also) but i know it's more jungling stuff and dirtier in general =x

I knew billy when I "retired" from basketball at the age of 19 (short career from 16 to 19 =x )

that means I knew him for a good 2 years .. but we're still brothers ^^

I hope Billy doesn't come home with explosives and bomb us into oblivion =x

All the best to the two of them.. !

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