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How Do i handle my money – part 3

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If you havent already read the first two series of this , please do so :

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Alright today I am going to talk about the one thing most people dont do when it comes to their money , and that’s taking action. The first series taught us the “why” we should save, the second series taught us the “how" , now in the third series I would like to encourage you to take action!

Taking Action Is Imperative To a Good Financial Health

So here’s a list of actions I would recommend you take to work towards your financial health

  1. Plan your savings
  2. Records your savings
  3. Be generous
  4. Set one day a week to reward yourself for doing well the entire week
  5. Ask questions actively – on how to have better financial health
  6. Save on the soft drinks – better health too
  7. Bring your own lunch to work
  8. Work out at home instead of at gym
  9. Sleep early
  10. Engage in sports – that’s free

So thats 10 steps for you…

got a step for our readers? leave a comment and share with us!

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