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the real price of being great…

basketball-numerous There is always a price tag attached to most things.. and today, I wanna talk about the price tag of being great at [something] . In this particular post, i’ll talk about basketball !

What is your view of how to become a great basketball player? yes many of you would have already known some.. let’s try listing them…


1) Practice

2) Knowledge

3) Discipline

4) Ecetera

But do you truly understand what these are ? my dear readers, all of the above is nothing without one thing


You can’t be good for one day, or practice for a month or get knowledge from one source.. , in order to be great at basketball, all of the qualities you know of must be woven into

A LifeStyle – Your LifeStyle

That is why most players are good at most.. I once had a player who shot 1000 shots and practiced 6 hours a day.. and he asked me “coach, i’ve given so much.. why am i still so lousy?” My answer to him would be “because you haven’t integrate it into a lifestyle – its still practice to you” .

Many players don’t understand this.. they think that by being able to do a particular drill or perform a certain move – it means they’ve mastered it.. thats not true.. being able to do a fade away doesnt make you a great fade away shooter.. you gotta work at it.. – consistently! All this takes time.. on the court, alone – when no one is watching , you gotta practice man! Stay focused , keep going at it.. master it, as tim duncan said

Good , Better , Best , Never Let It Rest, Till Your Good Is Better, And Your Better Best

This quote – along with many others meant so much to me.. I bought a permanent marker and wrote it on my basketball and told myself, until I practice using this basketball till the words fade, I will not play another basketball pick up game. And I stuck to it – results? My basketball pals was all stunned when I return from my “retreat” – because i pushed myself so hard just to get the marks off , just to play another pick up game (took me ~ 2 weeks). So how do we make something consistent? 

Think of something you’re good at.. something you feel confident of.. do you think about it? do you consider it as “chore” or its just “doing what I am doing’ kinda thing.. let me give you an example.. some people are really good at watching tv serials.. they can tell you 7pm channel U has this program and its about.. and then at 8pm.. oh and if you don’t wanna watch this you can choose from channel 5 which covers…

Is watching TV a chore? (oh its 7pm! time to go to watch tv.. AGAIN=.=) – I Doubt So

So you’ll ask me, but coach , training basketball is so not enjoyable!? its so boring!

let me help you out.. lets take the tv serial as an example again.. if you switch to a channel which speaks in a language you dont understand.. the graphics are distorted.. try watching it for an hour.. – and enjoy it! go ahead.. do it.. what? you already know its boring? so what do u instinctively do? oh right switch channels

That’s right.. if something is boring.. make it interesting.. switch channels!

Think of ways to make it fun.. enjoy the process.. switch channels..

Ask yourself.. how can i make this fun? how can i enjoy this process? Initially, you’ve probably say.. nothing is going to make this fun! but hey stop there.. keep asking.. if there’s gonna be something really fun about training basketball , what would it be?

Keep at it, get out of that comfort zone. keep practicing, till your good is better, and your better best.

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