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bball physical – 4 basic keys

Basketball is divided into 3 key areas of development, namely, skill , physical and mentality. In each of these areas, I have the opinion that the mental aspect of the game determines 80% of all outcomes of the game. However, that is based on the assumption that the difference in skill and physical areas do not differ largely.

Hence today, our focus will be on – physical . And we’re just going to focus on simple and effective strategies to improve your physical.

Disclaimer: The author is not a certified doctor nor health care practitioner , what you read in this post is  the author’s personal opinion derived from his own experience.

They 4 key areas we’re going to focus on today is to assist our body in it’s 4 basic functions . All of which are vital for the body to rejuvenate itself and hence build muscles and remove rubbish we don’t need.

1) Digestion

Digestion is all in your mouth, I know how ridiculous this may sound to many , however my personal belief – not scientifically proven by myself – all digestion occurs in the mouth. (For more info , refer to this : Stomach is an organ of contribution).

Hence, a simple way to improve digestion is to bite longer.

Take least 15-30 bites for every food you take , including fluids like smoothies or vegetable juice or fruit juice.

2) Elimination

Elimination is the body’s function to remove rubbish (tox, acid etc) from the system. Only when your body is able to eliminate rubbish properly, then can it function optimally – including building those muscle of yours. I could write a couple of posts on this topic itself, however for beginners, I just want to emphasis 3 things

Dramatically reduce your sugar intake ,
Dramatically reduce your fat intake (fried food , junk food)  ,
Dramatically increase your fibre intake (vegetables , vegetables, more vegs!)

3) Hydrate Yourself

I believe this is a big reason why basketball players don’t grow in size much. They drink the wrong fluids. Most players drink sugar before a game and sugar after a game, I am not going into details here, but your body doesn’t sweat sugar, it sweats water and salt. So common sense would tell you that the drink you need is not coke.


Before a basketball game, you need to ensure you’ve properly hydrate yourself with at least 500ml of water – over a period of 2 hours prior to the game (do not drink all of it straight before a game!).
And after a basketball game, hydrate yourself with at least 1000 ml of water over a period of 2 hours.

YuSong : Personally, I drink 1000 ml before and after games (over period of 2 hours before and after)

4) Rest

Rest is the last – but not least – key to a good physical. Your body needs rest , your muscle needs rest and your mind needs rest. Getting enough rest is vital to your body’s basic function (the 3 above for example) and allows your system to run at 100% .

Always give yourself the gift of rest, when you rest , put away all your worries, excitement , dreams etc.


A good exercise to do when you sleep is…
Say to yourself , “I now give my body the greatest gift, the gift of rest” then..
From your hair down to your toes, say “let the hair relax.. forehead relax.. eyes relax.. nose relax..”
do this through your whole body (while lying down) – it helps in resting optimally.

The important thing when trying any of the above is to remember, make the changes gradually .

Swap that coke for plain water, swap the chicken wings for steam tofu , swap the french fries snacks for almond nuts. ( leave me a comment if you want to know more)

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