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Keep your focus right here

green_energy_ball Alot of us pass through life without ever fully enjoying it. We always find that happiness is somewhere in the near future, when A B C will fall into place or somewhere in the past, where  X Y Z had fallen into place but is somehow distorted now. And the kind of happiness in the future is one that has not taken place yet, and the one in the past is one that could’ve taken place (i.e. regret)



It is this kind of thinking that causes us to find peace and happiness ever so elusive. Such internal dialogue may include ..

* If only I had live in such and such a way when I was younger

* When I live in such and such a way I’ll be happier

While such thinking has it’s own payoffs, it largely isnt worth what could’ve been better. The payoffs of thinking like that is that it is never the best yet, the “best” has yet to come and we always have something to look forward towards. The sad part of the above is that the “best” never comes.

Such thinking is generated out of a fear that if we truly attain “happiness” or “the best thing in life” , there would be nothing more to look forward to anymore! Now isn’t that scary?! Living a life that could never get better! (Which means it can only get worst)

I was exposed to the above logic a while back and I agreed with how they potray the scenario , and my solution to it is fairly simple.

Keep your focus on the present moment , right here.

Why? Just as the flowers bloom in certain seasons and wither in another (season), there is no guarantee whether life will be for better or for worst. So we should embrace every moment life presents and to live through it. Clearly understanding that by focusing on the moment – right here, thats the only moment we can live in. Don’t follow your thoughts into the future and the past , because they bear no meaning (its okay to “think” about the future if that’s your focus , but do not allow your mind to heedlessly slip into the future or past without you knowing it).

Just as the wise has said “there are 2 days in a week that I never rest in , they are “yesterday” and “tomorrow” “ . Live wisely, life isn’t about what has past or what is coming, its about whats happening – now.

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