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Is playing basketball daily a good thing?

solar_system_ill As a young player, I’ve never been exposed to the art of training basketball. After all, training is – just training. Working hard was all I could think of and nothing was going to stop me from playing basketball on a daily basis – well almost nothing. Until the day I realised how playing basketball daily wasn’t doing me any good – no matter how I looked at it.




In order to be able to appreciate the benefits of not playing basketball daily, one can only do it. The analogy of being able to improve more and benefit one’s own basketball development is that of planting a tree. Even trees don’t need to be watered daily and fertilised every day! They too need time to absorb the nutrients given to it and not be drown in it’s own vitamins.

The first time I managed to stop basketball completely for a week or so– I cannot remember clearly. I remember having periods where I stopped playing physically, but I didnt stop on a mental level. The period I stopped both physically and mentally just for a couple of days, I realised a few things..

* Increased Energy Levels

* Renew Drive For The Game

* Creativity Sparks – more creative in the game

* Able To Better Appreciate The Game

I am a huge believer of a metaphor of the human being like the sun and it’s happenings like the solar system. Planets revolves around the sun , just as the various priorities in our life’s revolve around us. Never let yourself revolve around anything in your life – or else you’re going to suffer badly.

This you revolving around the planet metaphor is commonly termed as “addiction” . Although on a minor scale, its called routine habits. Have you ever felt life was meaningless? doing the same thing daily, weekly, monthly.. etc. Think about this.. are you letting yourself spin around something? Not always but often, people who are happy and fulfilled in life dont revolve around things, they let things revolve around them, setting proper priorities in life.

So why do people want to revolve around things?

Because most are afraid to face what is on the other side of the island.

I remember being addicted to computer gaming in secondary 3, I was subconsciously aware that I was addicted. I didnt face up to the reality.. until one day I decided to.. what was I really afraid of?

I was afraid of facing my failing grades and mountains of homework.

Are you letting something revolve in your life? Do you find yourself doing the same thing day after day and you seem to have lost interest in the thing you were once passionate about (but you keep doing them because you don’t know what else you can do)

Maybe its time, to break the habit. It takes one instant to decide to just break off the habit for one day or two, the rewards is for a life time. Try it, let me know how it worked out for you ^^

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