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Basketball timeline – Sneak Peek

nash_workinghard_1024 Hey all, i’ll be releasing a sneak preview of my “basketball time line” here =)

It’ll eventually be posted in full on a dedicated server of it’s own =)


Time Line Excerpt

During 2nd half of 2003, I heard news that a renowned coach was opening a new youth team (Under 18s) playing for part of our constituency. Excited to hear this, I quickly began to ask all my friends whether they were interested to join in the training, in total these are the people whom join the team, Long , Gid , Ping , Wayne & me .

I remember training at a remarkable level at this stage of my life, I can’t remember how many things I broke at home (including my photo frame) just training on my basic cross over and behind the back passing – which I nearly broke my buddha’s image on the altar table.

Then there were days where I would train so hard on the court that all I saw was black & white. One significant drill was the full court lay ups with a few variations on the way to the basket. There were about 8 of us at beginning the drill , our coach didn’t gave us a specific number to complete , we just kept doing it until there were only 3 of us left. Coach continued to signal to us to continue and we just kept running and running and running up and down the floor – I must’ve ran 50 times up and down the floor alone – continuously.

After that particular training, I remember specifically seeing the basketball rim in black and white! I know I was close to fainting and vomiting, however I persevered and finished my free throws before proceeding to rest .

During my school holidays, I would rise to earlier than the sun and began having breakfast then proceeding down to the court to work on my game alone, went home had my lunch, and then go down on the court to play again in regular pick up games – I also studied the concept of the game and fundamentals when I reached home at night.

That kind of fire I possessed back then was so strong, I would just keep working on my game every chance I had. I would bring the ball everywhere I went – dribbling it whenever I can or doing some hand drills – the only place I didn’t bring my ball to was probably the toilet and the movies.

My studies didn’t suffer because my love for the game of basketball just propelled me beyond my comfort zone even in my studies. Everytime I would want to procrastinate on my studies , I would think “If I rest now, will it affect my basketball game?” .

This deep love for the game just drove me to eventually uncover the “genius” in me and to study the smart way – not the hardest way but the smartest way! In fact, during my mid year exams in 2003 , I topped my class !

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