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BBall dilemma

Been rather busy recently with bball coaching and playing itself !

So far my feelings towards coaching my current players is half half, because they want to improve their studies and at the same time improve their bball. whilst this isn’t impossible to me, it seems to my players that it is quite an impossible task.


The frustrating part for me is that I would like to give them the freedom to choose their own path in bball (whether to come for training or not etc) , also I understand that to mould a great bball player, there are certain criterias and factors that simply is a must – attending weekly trainings is one of them.

Also, I do not want them to do badly in their studies, hence thus far I’ve not mind them missing trainings and skipping trainings even though it hurts me in my heart.

The worst part of it all, is that I know clearly how a person can both study, bball, have fun, enjoy and still score good grades and excel in bball, but clearly I haven’t got a chance to teach my players that yet.

I hope I get to teach them this ability to manage their life well soon – its an invaluable skill.

p.s sean taught me this trick from his blog

p.s.s should I make bball coaching a priority in my life since the above incident?

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