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3 mistakes basketball coach & players make

phil_jackson Having been in coaching for 3 years now, I came to realised a few key distinctions to outstanding coaching. One of which I’ll talk about today.

As I am writing this, tinches of sadness and guilt surfaces as I look at my own ability to get my players to improve to the next level .

Unto topic now…


Coaching basketball is a two way street in my opinion.

For a player, he looks to the coach to improve his game .

For a coach, he looks to improve the player’s game.

Sounds simple enough? not really.

Coach’s mistake #1

Many coaches (myself included) fail to coach the players based on 3 things,

*1* Their current abilities

Coaches do not make a fair assessment of their players current skills and proceed to teach them.

*2* Their ability to understand what you teach

Coaches automatically expects and assumes that a player will understand what is being taught .

*3* What they want to achieve from your coaching

Perhaps the biggest mistake possibly made by any coach – and many makes it,, is to coach the player without first really understanding what the players want to achieve from your coaching

Untop of the above, practice is made boring and mundane by coaches which rubs salt unto the wounds of the players.

YuSong : I feel I don’t understand my player’s expectation from me at all.

Player’s mistake #1

Many players (most of the players I teach) fail to learn from their coaches based on 3 things,

*1* They doubt the coach

Players who do not trust their coach’s coaching ability

*2* They override the coach

Players think that they know better what’s good and bad for them – in practice or games

*3* They expect results too soon

This point is worth elaborating – players feel that if they train X , Y , Z drill , they should be able to achieve A , B , C result. If they don’t, they automatically fault the training. What players need to realise is that the player is probably not up to mark in terms of practice at all, and hence expecting results when the effort isn’t there is not realistic

YuSong : As a player, I never doubted my coach’s training – even though i dislike it. I only understood why my coach emphasised certain things when the real game comes.

Being a player and a coach before, I can clearly understand both sides of the story.

To all the coaches out there, I would like to emphasis that caring for your players is the #1 key factor to coaching basketball players – the players matters.

To all the players out there, I would like to emphasis that you trust your coach and be patient. Patience in basketball is the true essence of a champion.

YuSong: It took me approximately 2 months of hard work before I finally did a beautiful left hand lay up (being right handed) in a normal pick up game – hows that for patience?

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