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Going with the flow for awhile

river flowing Having taught my 08-09 group basketball group, i’ve came to realise one thing that I’ve repeatedly done and could potentially result in very negative results. I’ve been way too proactive – desperate – towards my players. For example..

* I call up my players to ask if they want to train bball

* I try and convince them to come for bball

In my opinion , this is a taboo for coaches if done excessively


Until recently, outsiders has commented that I want to improve my players skills more than the players themselves. I’ve often dismissed this notion as I find that all my players want to improve to the best of their ability – and I truly believe that even till now. However, I have to realise that by constantly pressuring them – even if its for their own good – to come for trainings, what it does is that this places unnecessary on the players themselves.

Hence I’ve decided to go with the flow – I will revert back to my old rule of accepting players ( i came up with this rule to prevent myself from being overly desperate, but still it happened – so it’s best these rules apply again)

1) I shall leave my players to contact me and ask me when they would like to train– now I place all my training dates on the bottom right of the blog , so my players will know if there’s any “preferred” training dates (the date will be set when someone asks me to train them for bball (i.e. sean calls me and ask if mon I can work with him on his skills)

2) If no players want to come – thats fine with me. I’ll just practice on my own

I hope this “going with the flow” approach will bring our basketball team to greater heights

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