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Thriving As An Under-Sized Player

Hi all, came across this video which is very motivating and powerful ^^ hence I ordered it on 26th Jan 09.

Just got the video DVD yesterday for the above =x

I watched it together with gordan and for the first few mins, we were like “OH MY GOD , HE DID THAT?”

His speed , everything! is just so so . .amazing. I think he works out faster than me at least 3 times >.<

if anyone can do the way he does the drill at 50% speed, i think can be Singapore national player already – just too good. If you would like to see the video , just leave me a comment here and we can fix a time ^^

So guys out there, don’t think because you’re small , you can’t compete. You still can and may do much better because you got that drive to workout!!

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