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BasketBall Game of habits

In the game of basketball, its two different teams playing each other.

In the game of life, I would like to see it as a game between habits.  Why?

Our daily lifes are filled with good habits and bad habits – maybe a bit simplistic but it proves my point here.

Our destiny is hence a result of which of our habits are pre-dominant. If our good habits are pre-dominant, we can call ourselves successful and if vice versa, we need to work on certain things before success comes to us.

Using that as a setup, life is just like a game of basketball between our good habits and bad habits

Team Good Habits VERSUS Team Bad Habits

and every incident we meet in life, can be considered the show down between our two teams (Good and bad habits). So if you are in a situation where you need to choose whether to eat that junk food and get fat or skip the junk food and stay healthy, who will make the play? will good habits score 2 points or will bad habits get a steal for the fast break?

In thinking so, as a basketball player, think, the next time you want to procrastinate on that homework and let the bad habits score on you because you were lazy on defense!

If it was a basketball game, would you get lazy on defense for the national qualifier? i guess not!

If you are star player of your team, will you choose to rest because your legs are sore when you know you can lead your team to victory? i guess not!

but so many times in life when we are the star player of our life, we let our bad habits score on us, block our shots and abuse us. aint that a bit mis-fitting?

Its your call – after all its your game.

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