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Contentment at 2 levels

vortex Having trained myself in a rather strict manner, I’ve came to find out more about how certain aspect of thoughts and feelings lead to many aspect of action.

Now a certain topic caught my attention, something that i’ve always wanted to address but didnt (at that point in time before) had the necessary linguistic capability that could meet the benchmark in which I’ve set for myself.

That topic is contentment.

People in general by large feels that contentment is an negative attitude – especially for those whom wants to become “Successful” . Defining success is another whole topic by itself and I’ll not delve into it now.

The foundation of contentment lies on equanimity – ability to accept things as they are (general definition). This definition of contentment is too coarse, and coarse explanations is like grabbing a bunch of sand and say “this is sand”, but , there are fine sand and coarse sand , which is it? Now contentment with a foundation on equanimity – ability to accept things as they are is akin to grabbing a bunch of sand and saying “this is sand”.

I will daringly and broadly categorise contentment into two types, one being superficial, and the other being in depth.

Superficial contentment lies in being able to accept things as they come , living on things in a way that one’s expenses does not exceed one’s income. Being able to see the value in things that we possess and not overlook them – by large it refers to family bonds, friendship etc.

While such contentment (of superficial level) is already hard to achieve, such a level of contentment isn’t contentment set upon the foundation of equanimity.

Now for readers whom is new to the concept above, I strongly suggest you do not read on as it might choke you and I would like to seek forgiveness from anyone whom will be offended as to what I am going to write below.

Now what does contentment on a deeper level means? (this is not the deepest level,however I am relating it to the level at which I’ve seen it for myself)

Contentment at a deeper level is when one is able to deal with skilfully with mental suggestions(i am using a rather diplomatic term here),

One stops all unwholesome states of mind

One stops the arising of unwholesome states of mind

One works hard at arising wholesome states of mind

One works hard at maintaining all wholesome states of mind

Now if you’re thinking what rubbish is this writer writing, isnt that a unwholesome state of mind? Is this how a contented person think & act?

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