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How can one love and let go?

metta38 Recently been thinking about how Metta (loving kindness)  , Karuna (Compassion) & Uphekka (equanimity) be practiced in harmony?

Loving kindness is wishing others to be well and happy & Compassion is to wish that others do not suffer, hence logically, if we were to see someone suffering, we’ve do our best to help , right?

Equanimity is to know that everyone is heir to their own actions and suffer the necessary consequences for themselves , hence we should learn to accept that this world is full of suffering, right?

So how does the two mix together? Now most scholars(pun intended) on such subjects may immediately pass judgement and say that how can they co-exist together?

For someone who does not practice metta, karuna and uphekka together will never understand why they can co-exist together, only when ones see, even the reflective understanding of bringing out these sublime qualities of the heart is enough to learn that they can exist together!!

So many times people whom speak about the impossibilities of the practices actually setup a barriers for themselves without even first trying them out! this is very sad ,because then they would take what is wrong to be right.

There is no meaning in trying to lighten up people’s life if you are not a bright burning candle on your own, its akin to the blind leading the blind. So stop saying that if one practices then one would have no time to help others!! This is akin to a doctor saying that he should treat people without learning the necessary skills (because there is no time!).

Now its time to practice.

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