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My Decision As A Coach?

coach_carter Recently, I’ve had mix feelings about coaching the youth group that I am now, although I am very far from giving up, my passion draws thinner as the days goes by. Maybe I’ve set my expectations too high? or maybe the expectations of me on my players versus that of their own for themselves sets us apart right from the start.

My expectations for players VERSUS

Their expectations of themselves

Or maybe it’s my own incompetence as a coach to bring my players to the next level?

I’ve seen many of them grown so much and so fast in a matter of weeks during their initial days , but now their progress is.. lets just say i’ve be glad they didnt deprove. This truly saddens me as I really do not know where the problem lies.. this thought alone often bring tears to my eyes.. (metaphorically).

I’ve never met such a problem before, because all those i’ve taught progressed to the stage they wanted before eventually stopping, however these players i’ve now wants to go further (or so i think) but they are not moving! Is it my ability to coach them is only up till the level they are at now? Or their own lack of focus and intensity that delays their own progress? I am truly at a dilemma.

Besides, I’ve always coached for a love and passion for the game , and I associate with people whom competes and loves the game – or so I thought. I’ve been dealt a devastating blow when so many months of hard work can vanish for something as simple as monetary values – or did I too superficially gave my judgement in a premature manner? – Another question that lies in the balance of both ends.

Maybe its time I let go of the game.. and let it fade away in the sands of time along with the flow of my memory – am I hanging on too tightly to a rope that is affixed to no end?

Or maybe I should intensify the fire in the furnace to harness the most well forged weapon of my repertoire ?

Confusion bugs me and answers – the only antidote- seems to be sacred even in a time of technological advancement.

Maybe .. thats all that lies in my head now.. Maybe..

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2 comments to “My Decision As A Coach?”
Kevin-HZH said...

Why not try giving it a rest for about 1 to 2 weeks and be still? It's surprising when the answers come when you don't think about it consciously.

Ben , Yu Song said...

Thanks Zhen Hui :)

I'll do just that :D

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