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Understanding Others ?

finger Recently I’ve came to realise that one can never understand how another person thinks or feels through reflective thinking – i.e. just by analysing his bodily actions or his look etc. Although an expert can come very close to how a person may be thinking or feeling, they cannot be 100% sure – at least this holds truth for reflective understanding .



And the interesting thing is we judge others action, feeling and intention based upon our own heart. Its like using your finger to measure how long or how short something is , the gauge is always based on your finger, is it “one finger long , or two finger long?” . Ultimately, its still boils down to your finger.

Many people quarrel over such things “oh this thing is two fingers (of mine) long” , and then someone disagrees “oh no, its 2.5 fingers (of mine) long”, so whos right? both are! whos wrong? both are!

Hence when we intend to judge anyone by anything at all, always remember, you wont know how he feels or think or intends , you can at best guess , gauge and analyse.

Bearing this in mind , and being able to let go of judging others constantly, one gains release from some form of suffering. When we truly let go and allow others to be as they are, its a blessing.

Although when we see the chance of the person being receptive to what we have to say, and what we say will lead to goodness , then we should do our best to encourage the other person to do good.

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