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Freedom At A Basic Level

bird sky Just two days into my seek of freedom, and I realise, true freedom doesnt come from things that we’re conventionally used to , like “Freedom Of Speech” etc. Although the common things like that does give us “freedom” at a superficial level, it actually strips us of another kind of freedom – the freedom of our mind falling for our thoughts.





Why do humans want a million dollars? Because then , they would be free from worrying about things like…

Food , Shelter , Bills , Handphones , Entertainment etc

Then when we get a million dollars , what do we want to be free from.. ?

Good Food, Big Shelter, More Bills, I-phone , More Entertainment..etc

Then when we get 10 million dollars , and our body starts to degenerate.. what do we want to be free from?

Disease brought by food , Disease brought by immobility , Diseases brought by working too much

So in the end, we humans make one big round to go after things that we dont have, only to later come and look for things that we already have now – pure irony.

Now the freedom I’ve experienced cannot be understood by a mere reading of words (unless you’ve experienced it yourself before) – like a person who dont know whats red unless he himself has seen it before. I’ll do a simpler illustration for the sake of those seeking such freedom,(if your intention is bend on arguing with what I am about to write, it’ll by default not be able to gain the freedom which I write of)

I love to dota (an online game) and everyday when I go home, I would at least surf some dota news and if possible play 1 game of dota – it was a staple activity for me. Now thus it appears I am free to do what I like – to dota – but actually it restricts me because if i dont dota , i suffer the results of craving for dota – what sort of freedom is this?

Hence, having abstain from dota, one does not focus on dota and observe the feeling that is produced from abstaining from dota, if one is indeed bent on observing exactly what this feeling is, one gains true freedom .

Now this may sound all blur for many, should you need to ask me about it, feel free to.

P.s To ensure maximum result, please ensure you go and abstain from something you like for 2-3 days before chatting with me ;)

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