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Defense Against The afflictions

VanguardIt is important to guard ourselves against the afflictions on the heart in our daily lives, as I also mentioned in my post of synergising bball and studies , I find it important to mention it again here in my own blog to remind myself constantly about the kind of affliction where we should draw up our defense against!! I’ll just be adding short sentences below each category, so feel free to check them out!



One who complains , saying, its too early , its too late, its too hot , its too cold, i am too full or i am too hungry and acts in line with these thoughts , is said to be procrastinating .

Defend Against Procrastination With : Right Effort

Over Confidence

If you dont know its best to keep it at that, if you dont know and say you know , then you’re really spreading your ignorance around.

Defend Against Over Confidence With : Humility


Dont be afraid to fail, for failure is the mother (And father) of success!

Defend Against Fear With : Courage


Liking and disliking is two faces of the same kind . For both disliking and liking takes something that is not for something that is. Example, we say durian smells nice, does it really smell nice? if its really nice, why doesnt everyone like it? because smell of durian is subjective. from this example, one can tell that liking and disliking is based of the action of the mind, not the object of which the mind counters.

Defend Against Aversion With : Equanimity* in accordance to Right View

*(click on the word if you dont know what it means)


Whatever that has happened has past, whatever that is happening will shape the future! Focus on whats happening now, not the what has happened or what is going to happen !!

Defend Against Regret With : Right View

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