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Subconscious Compulsion To Internet

internet_addicts For the past week, I’ve been working relentlessly to break this habit of chatting online and using the internet daily without much of a second thought. Here’s a typical night for me whenever I go home before I broke my habit..(realise all of them requires internet access)

Why do i call it a compulsion? because it is (and not addiction)



Compulsion : Psychology. a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act, esp. one that is irrational or contrary to one's will. (Source : dictionary.com)

It doesnt happen everyday, however if I do stay at home at night, this is pretty much how my compulsion habits look like

7pm : Reach home , on com , sign in to chatting platform

7.30pm : Dota

8.30pm : Dota

9.30pm: chat

10.30pm : chat

11.30pm : chat

12.30am : Log off and sleep

Oh my god? On days when I dont dota, I chat online all the way! And i also surf the following sites on a daily basis..

Dota All Stars Forums , Kevinhzh.com , becomeabballer.com , nuffnang.com , friendster, facebook , youtube , this blog (and all my friend’s blog)

thats all. I take 2(min) – 5 hours daily to stuck myself on the net to do all these things. Looking back, it looks pretty retarded. I could well be doing so many other things .. ! This is the power of compulsion – the power of our subconscious.

Well anyway, for you readers out there whom are in this cycle, you might want to think thrice before continuing (with your compulsions) :)

My next post will deal with the bad effects of being subconsciously compulsion to the computer and online chatting platforms (i.e. MSN, facebook etc)

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