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Discipline In Your Everyday Action

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The environment which one resides in reflects directly on the mind state of the person.(unless he or she has no rights over the place). It is important that everyone take extra care of the place he stays in , to not be negligent in taking care of the place he stays in , to have discipline over the mind at all times.

Below is a simple story…

Once I heard that there was a gathering at a house and two groups of people were invited. And one group of people left their footwear haphazardly all over the place (making a mess) and the other group neatly placed their footwear in an orderly fashion. Anyone passing by that place could tell the difference between the two groups of people.

Now what kind of a person are you? Do you …

Leave your bed as it is – messy and untidy – when you rise?

Keep the toilet clean and free of stains ?

Arrange your books neatly in their holding places?

Now the importance of this is rarely appreciated. I shall not elaborate further as whatever said from this point forth will only invite arguments and unhappiness.

For those whom do not see the benefit, please forgive me for what I’ve said.

For those whom see the benefit but not yet practice, please start now.

For those whom saw the benefit ,is practicing but not yet ripe the whole fruit, be persistent in your efforts.

For those whom saw the benefit, is practicing and has the fruit ripe, please pardon my ignorance.

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