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When I Am Down..

lordbuddha Been feeling down and out this weekend.. sadness seems to overwhelm me alot… I very long no cry twice in a row (and a third time when my friend was counsoling me..

This period probably allows me to recognise who are those I called brothers whom will call me “Bro” back.. But I wont draw a conclusion with regards to this matter..

Life is full of ups and downs.. sometimes its the people whom lift you up when you’re down and to share your joy that makes you feel its all worth it..

Thats is why the buddha say that a good friend is one who rejoice in your gains and supports you when you loss..

How many friends do I have that follows strictly to the protocol of what the lord buddha mentioned?

What is NOT a friend ?

(1) he who appropriates a friend's possessions,

(i) he appropriates his friend's wealth,
(ii) he gives little and asks much,
(iii) he does his duty out of fear,
(iv) he associates for his own advantage.

(2) he who renders lip-service,

(i) he makes friendly profession as regards the past,
(ii) he makes friendly profession as regards the future,
(iii) he tries to gain one's favor by empty words,
(iv) when opportunity for service has arisen, he expresses his inability.

(3) he who flatters,

(i) he approves of his friend's evil deeds,
(ii) he disapproves his friend's good deeds,
(iii) he praises him in his presence,
(iv) he speaks ill of him in his absence.

(4) he who brings ruin.

(i) he is a companion in indulging in intoxicants that cause
infatuation and heedlessness,
(ii) he is a companion in sauntering in streets at unseemly hours,
(iii) he is a companion in frequenting theatrical shows,
(iv) he is a companion in indulging in gambling which causes heedlessness."

What IS a friend?

(1) he who is a helpmate,

(i) he guards the heedless,
(ii) he protects the wealth of the heedless,
(iii) he becomes a refuge when you are in danger,
(iv) when there are commitments he provides you with double the
supply needed.

(2) he who is the same in happiness and sorrow,

(i) he reveals his secrets,
(ii) he conceals one's own secrets,
(iii) in misfortune he does not forsake one,
(iv) his life even he sacrifices for one's sake.

(3) he who gives good counsel,

(i) he restrains one from doing evil,
(ii) he encourages one to do good,
(iii) he informs one of what is unknown to oneself,
(iv) he points out the path to heaven.

(4) he who sympathises.

(i) he does not rejoice in one's misfortune,
(ii) he rejoices in one's prosperity,
(iii) he restrains others speaking ill of oneself,
(iv) he praises those who speak well of oneself."

If anyone of else has a friend that fulfill all 4 criterias as stated above, one should be truly thankful. i am thankful =)

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