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Many Reflections

No photos for this today because this is meant to be a post that I've to take seriously when I am going to re-read it someday.

Tuesday , IPPT day. Xin Hao & Zi Wei came over to my house for a tea session. We Drank dragon well (long jing) tea and it was one of the finer and higher grade tea compared to what I am used to. In the midst of our discussions, I learned alot of things which I must apply or else I've be practicing for nothing...

1) Alot of times I feel that whatever works for me should and must work for another person. And personally, i've get very upset if it doesnt. Because I've been taught that everyone has the same psychology and whatever that works should work throughout without biasness. However, this form of thinking seems to be hugely mistaken by me! Everyone has their own natural tendencies and inclinations, and it is wrong of me to try and force upon others what i feel is the best. Upon which , I've like to apologise to many people because I've done that on them and I would like to apologise to these people, although I may have lost alot of their contacts...

Dear Friend,

I am sorry that i've forced my thoughts on you previously, please accept my apology.

Xin Hao , Mr Yang (ZW) , Shi Ping , Shi Long , Zhen Hui.

2) Things happen by their own natural accord and we shouldnt force anything's progress beyond their natural speed.

3) Conceit is another one of the weak link i've found in myself. I often like to think that I am an expert in a certain field although only knowing a bit about them , i.e. listening to a seminar, or reading a series of books. I've not given due respect to the field of interest and even attempt to teach others how to do it.

On a very very personal basis, I feel this is where blogging for $$ should not be made as a main thing unless you was or am a field expert before! I've been trying to setup blogs of my own "passion" , however I fail to realise that I am neither an expert on the area nor know any of the experts . Making such a thing into a solid source of income is hardly righteous nor beneficial.

I end my reflections here.

Today has been such a meaningful day, maybe many a times, if our heart asks a sincere question , wherever we look, a sincere reply will be obtained.

It appears all of life's question can be answered if only we knew how to listen, and really listen, not to others, but to the deep inner voice ... within.

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