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Educating The Next Generation

grade A It has always been my wish to educate the younger generation . Personally, studying has never been a problem for me since the age of 16. In fact, I had to go through a bit of a struggle prior to attaining that “Gift” for studying such that I never had to find studying a chore or something “boring” . To speak the truth, I felt truly lucky to be able to break the mystery of academics and unlock the unlimited potential within me to do well in my studies – at an amazingly relaxed pace.


Although I cannot upload and download this mentalities to the mind of the younger generations, I do have the intention to do my best to educate them on how studying can be enjoyable, practical and fun – just like my teacher mr tan peng yeong did.

Although I haven’t come up with a definitive plan , I hope that I’ll be able to attract like minded individuals in Singapore to start doing this for our younger generations.

May my wish come true.

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