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Sec 3 to sec 4 transition – The end of the tunnel (1)

ice drink As I mentioned in the previous story , “A” students are just students that take one extra baby step more than others on a consistent basis. Many have came to me about what this “baby” step is, before I unveil the secret, let me share with you how I came across this “Secret”…

Actually this secret was already taught to this by our great physics teacher mr tan peng yeong , however I didnt apply it to every subject I was taking back then. Until one day, my dad bought me a book – perhaps in desperation - “If I Am Gifted , So Are You” . I read this book somewhere in march right after my common tests results was announced – much to my disappointment I didn’t do well at all.

I made a decision there and then that, if I didnt do something about my grades NOW, a few things are going to happen

1) I will flung my exams and my O levels , along with my future

2) I will not be able to play basketball to the fullest – because I have to spend time doing homework

3) I would live a life of misery as I struggle to just pass tests

Why was I so certain the above 3 things will happen? Simple, I’ve been living the above three for three years (sec 1 to sec 3) – and honestly I’ve had it .

Hence I decided to apply “the secret” to the area of my studies and the true secret is , the power of…


What is momentum? It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill capped with snow and the snowball just keeps getting bigger and bigger as the snowball rolls faster and faster!

Now you might ask “How do I apply the principles of momentum into my studies?!”

There are so many things you can do.. but the key here is this

You have to take a baby step now! Note that this small baby step could be anything ! Let me elaborate my own case so as to benefit you =) I started…

* to not watch TVs anymore

* to pack my room and make a big study area for myself

* to view homework as a challenge and not as a problem

* to planning my revision schedule

* to draw my own mindmaps for individual topics

* study the subject matter before every class

* and many more

Its worth noting that the first baby step I took was to eliminate TV from my life ( I was catching 2-3 hours of drama daily) and then I suddenly had more time for homework! Then my tests results started to improve and homework didn’t seem so bad ! Followed by… etc etc

You see my friends, its all about taking the first step , once you take that first step , everything goes on auto-gear not because you’re so disciplined but because the results you get is so rewarding!

“I am sure most of you know “what to do” but seldom do people do “what they know” , why?”

Because they do not build momentum! My suggestion of building momentum is simple, take your life and habits now as a glass of hot water thats filled up to the brim, trying to add new habits without removing some old ones is like pouring cool water unto a cup of hot water – it overspills.

“Building momentum in this case is to remove some water from the cup and add ice to it.

Then now the drink is cooler to drink and you enjoy it in the hot sunny weather. Then you remove more water

and add more ice”

Of course there is a balance point where you shouldn’t over do it – by adding too much ice – because then you get a brain freeze which is bad for you . Our aim is to concoot a cool drink , and the way to do that is first remove some hot water then add some ice – a cool drink.

Back to my story, after applying the power of momentum , everything just went on auto-gear, I find myself studying less and learning more, I had alot of time to play the game I love – and improve upon it, and my test results were excellent! (topped my class for mid year exams) .

During the “O” levels, I merely had to step up 1 extra hour per day to my daily studying schedule – which was not much of a problem, while my peers were stepping up 4-5 hours on a daily basis just to make it to a pass.

Now I hope my readers will take action and capitalise on the power of momentum and start living a life that is filled with more freedom and less restrictions (from homework & revision) !

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