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be careful what you’re conditioned to


Hi all my readers, it’s been a long week for me as my NS duties start to stack and hence lesser time to come up with quality posts for you guys to read ><”

Finally have some time on a friday to share with you guys something I have a big “feel” for during the course of this week..

It’s common for humans to take shortcuts, this is especially so on a sub-conscious level or the level of the mind. This means that sometimes the process of determining what something means to us is so fast that we dont even realise it , Let me give you an example..

old lady

Old Lady-Young Woman Illusion

young lady

Have a look at the picture on the left.. then the right.. followed by center.. what do you see?

yes.. on the left its a young lady, on the right is an old lady, and in the center, whatever you focus on appears! (either as a young or old lady depending)

These sort of thing has an important teaching point, how we view things is based on our conditioning . And our conditioning is due to the fact that our mind works so fast that it forms a loop that helps us to give meaning to things, while this may be good to us in general, if we’re not aware of this phenomenon, it can cause us to suffer badly. 

If this is getting too complex.. let me simplify it..

3 important teaching points here is,

1) What we see is based on what we’ve saw before

2) What we see now will determine what we’ll see later

3) What we see either before or now may not be entirely true.

make sense?

take for example.. when you were young, you were told that you were “Stupid” for not following instructions given..(what you’ve seen before) so next time when you see someone not following instructions what do you think of that person? S-T-U-P-I-D ! (what you see now)

But does that mean that not following instructions means that it’s stupid? NO! (what we see now or before may not be entirely true)

so now is a good time to ask, do you find yourself accepting your scriptings.. example.

I just can’t do maths…

I just can’t talk to people…

I am a crude person, thats how I talk …

I am poor at sports…

Ask yourselves.. what made you think that way? what happened??!

If you are able to see it, then you must remember, it is not entirely true! We need to be aware of these things.. what make us think the way we do? is it true? or is it just another case of continuous conditioning ?

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