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The Foolish Leading The Fools

why-drunk-people-show-no-fear Many a times it saddens me to see a scenario where a fool is led by a bunch of fools – only to be fooled.

Fools here does not refer to people whom are stupid , in fact they are very intelligent. It refers to people whom are ignorant , ignorant of the truth of matters.

Why do I say this?

Recently , I know a few friends whom drinks on a frequent basis , and these lot of people constitute of the foundation of fools. It is they who lead others into foolishness (drinking in this case)

And who is to be lead by them? those whom do not establish themselves in correct view. And those who think that the first bunch of fools are their “Friends”.

I’ve posted a post before regarding friends, you can find it here.

One is not your friend if he is a companion in indulging in intoxicants that cause
infatuation and heedlessness .

And how can this be more true?

After one particular drinking sessions of the fools, I out of curiosity asked on of them ,

“why do you ask James (pseudonym) to go drinking with you?”

The reply i got?

“no la.. i merely told him I was going and he made a choice himself!”

so i asked more

“So whos going to take care of him?”

he replied

“man, everyone has to take care of themselves at the bar, if you want to do any wrong things, thats your problem”

I was in total shock, asking your friend to drink with you whilst you dont bother about his safety ?

Thus the buddha said ..

A friend is when..

(i) he guards the heedless,
(ii) he protects the wealth of the heedless,
(iii) he becomes a refuge when you are in danger,
(iv) when there are commitments he provides you with double the
supply needed.

So if a bunch of people go drinking , everyone gets drunk, how does anyone become anyone’s refuge?

Hence i conclude, its a bunch of big fools , leading a bunch of smaller fools , all going to be fooled into the three lower realms.

Thinking of which, it saddens me alot.

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3 comments to “The Foolish Leading The Fools”
Mohd Hisham said...

uhmm; i do not agree with this post; in its entirety of course.

Going out for drinks with friends, is a healthy social activity. Of course; not until you drink to the point where you cannot even control where you're pissing or walking straight. That'd more often make you lose friends than gain new ones.

One has to know one's limitations when it comes to drinking. It is not anyone's fault if said person were to drink beyond his tolerance.

People drink for various reasons. What you mentioned here; is only one of the many after-effects of over-drinking. That in itself; should not be a reason not to drink (if you are already drinking that is), if you are not a drinker, then yes stay a teetotaller if you must. There's no shame in not drinking.

Anyways, just hopped over from Minggen's blog. Good post in general. :) I believe you are looking mainly from the spiritual point of view.


Ben Pek said...

Hi Hisham =)

thanks for your comments.

I respect your point of view , and i write in reply to the topic .

I do not think drinking is a healthy social activity , because it leads to a degeneration of one's mental state , it makes one less able to think and quicker to act (impulse).

And hence we can say that the result from drinking intoxicants (i.e alcohol , drugs) is a state of heedlessness - only in varying degree.

Nothing good can be born out of heedlessness.

In my humble opinion, the limitation of one's drinking should be right at the very thought of it - don't even think about it.

Too many families, and lifes has been destroyed by drinking , by heedlessness, why further support it ?

We're both entitled to our point of view of course, and as i mentioned, i write in reply to the topic not the person.

thank you for commenting!! =)

Mohd Hisham said...

Nicely put. Thanks for your reply.

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