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The Amount Of Wealth you can ever gain

Sitting here , suddenly a thought occurred as I just sat back and enjoyed the bliss.. like cool water running down my neck , cleansing my heart and streamlining my mind..

“There is no wealth nor

health greater than a peace of mind”

Indeed there is no wealth comparable to a mind that’s strong filled with energy

Indeed there is no health comparable to a mind that’s unshaken by the greatest quakes on earth

Just enjoying this bliss of a peace of mind.. I can understand why some great people described this feeling as “A Heart Released”

Although my peace of mind is still rough and coarse.. it is a glimpse of what is to be.. I’ll strive at it..

Action speaks louder than a thousand words..

If indeed the dhamma is so good, why was i suffering trying to get people to practice it? irony.

Peace of mind, its the only way to show others the way .

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