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Life is a set of repeated habits

good-habits-bad-habits Our lifes is comprised of many sets of different habits put together!

Which side do you brush your teeth from?

Whats the first thing you do when you wake up?

How do you decide what to feel when something happens?


Some habits are more deeply ingrained than others , however , we have the will power (mind) to change these habits if we decide to..

Do it now! (more sharing later on…)

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2 comments to “Life is a set of repeated habits”
Duaba said...

i lost a ring yesterday and the way i found it was to wear another one adn go through the day. habit would tell me where i left it...nice blog :)

Ben Pek said...

thanks duaba =)

glad you found your ring =)

life is made up of a series of habits =)

and our habits are more often than not directed by who we think/believe who we are.

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