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Recess Week is here

energy Hi all, firstly if you are reading this, thanks :) As i’ve not blogged for a while now (and you check back !) ,it’s been 7 weeks into the second semester in NTU , SPMS/CBC , apparently this semester was supposed to be different from semester one where I was supposedly “adapting”.

However, it turned out that I got into the same old vicious cycle of not studying.. again. I havent been studying as much as I want to, and I’ve actually found out the supposed reason for this procrastination.

After reading zenhabits’s post , the one deadly sin of changing habits ,  I realised that I’ve been too focused on the “planning” and neglected the actual “doing” of the habit, sometimes when a plan is too complex it becomes difficult to execute because there are so many factors that must be “right” before anything can happen.

And now it is the recess week (1 week holiday) , i’ve decided to keep things simple and not “plan” so much ahead as opposed to “do” so much ahead. I know this advise does not apply to everyone because everyone is wired and build differently, however if you are a person whom “plans” alot but seems to accomplish little, it’s always worth the while putting more effort into “doing” than “planning” .

So for this recess week, i’ve decided to take things slowly but consistently, I used to set “study 10 hours per day” targets (and didnt wind up studying more than 10% of my intended target) , instead, i’ve divided my study hours in blocks of 2 hours ( 3 times a day from 9am – 11am , 2pm – 4pm , 7pm-9pm) and I am allowed to be flexible as long as i clock the 2 hours!

I definitely think i’ll succeed and hopefully I get to blog about it ^^

All the best to all my course mates !

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