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5 Best experiences of 2009

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Welcome to the new year of 2010 ! it’s been a decade since the year 2000 , how is everyone?

As a way of remembering 2009, I would like to share with you – my readers – the 5 best experiences/decisions I have went through that made 2009 a meaningful and unforgettable one . (in no particularly order)

The resolutions during the rainy season (vassa)

From July – September , which is the rainy season (vassa) , it is a tradition for buddhist to devote themselves more towards their practice , as a buddhist, this is the first year that i’ve taken this tradition seriously, and the benefits which was reaped from it was immense. I’ve learned more about myself in this 3 months then I ever had for the past 22 years of my life.

Examination in NTU for the first time (yr 1 sem 1)

Taking the exams for the first time after 2 years of National Service made me feel like a total newbie in the area of academic excellence. I was totally unprepared for it ! However, this lead to a intense period of time when the pressure was on to study intensively prior to the actual examination dates. It was a moment where my sole focus was on my exams , this experience taught me to cherish the simple pleasures of life – 30 mins of rest is heavenly . It allowed me to understand my own temperament – and what a big ego I have.

New BS clubroom Cleaning

This happened just prior to 2010 (late december) , the cleaning of the new BS (buddhist society) clubroom, it was definitely a time where I got to know my very good brother alot better :) and we also had a share of jokes/thoughts/moments together. It was one of the best bonding experience i’ve had .

Knowing my neighbour and a few neighbour friends

For the first time in my life, I have a neighbour! and along with him, i met a few really great brothers along the way =) It is amazing how easily we clicked and seemed to have known each other for a long long time… Hope that our friendship continue to blossom ^^

Being Alive

The fifth and most meaningful experience is to know that I am alive after 2009 =) . As ironic as it sounds, life is the one thing most people take for granted and I really want to take this opportunity to be thankful that I am still alive.

The one thing I ought to remember is that the every one of the experiences in 2009 are lessons to learn upon to make 2010 a better year ^^

Happy New Year!

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