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Blogging from ipad

Hi all ,

First Sight

Just got an iPad upon it's release yesterday and I must say that it is simply phenomenal . It is literally as steve jobs has said , "to have the Internet in your hands ..." , just simply whow man !!! The keyboard is almost life-size (although it still takes some getting used to , and just like the iPhone it still takes one getting used to, but i have never imagine typing on a screen that allows me to use almost all of my ten fingers to type at the same time !


Video clarity is definitely another whow factor , the HD screen allows for awesome graphics to be shown ! Just watched and rewatched the kobe bryant clinic video and I must say that it is one of the best if not the best experience that I have had watching the video from any given platform so far !

Main reason why I bought the iPad

The core reason is still because it allows me to bring my homework to school (from notes to tutorials) without having to carry the heavy paper counter part, and it also allows me to serve the internet without having to be confined to a computer screen, and to truly have the internet in your hands is just amazing !

This had been a very brief introduction to the first look at ipad and i expect to be using more of it in the near future as I explore it's function in depth.

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