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Why this song means so much to me

This person I love..
I love this person so much..
But I cant be together with this person..
Either way
At least not now..
I want so much to be in this person's hug..
This person's love..
But I can't be together with this person..
Maybe its best we stay as friends..
Good Friends..
Best Friends..
But we may never be lovers..
Maybe loving isn't about owning..
Maybe loving is about letting go..
Maybe loving is about watching you from afar..
Knowing that you're happy , blessed and healthy..

That is why this song means so much to Yu Song , But you (this person) means more to me

Credits : Zachary - visit his blog for more juices!

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Anonymous said...

Once I asked Li bin this question:

"Is it love? Or Passion?"


...Defilement fool beings,
like how I was being fooled by it...

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