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MileStone #1

Hi Guys!

In the amazing book "Road Map to Become a Blogger"(its FREE! too), there are total of 5 milestones mentioned , so today i started on milestone #1 , I feel compelled to show you what I've written down for sheer hilarity (laughter) with a pinch of seriousness (lol?)

MileStone #1 :
Write down 50 things you enjoy doing (honestly...at first i thought I couldnt come up with 10)

!WARNING! This might cause you to laugh till your stomach aches (equivalent to 100 situps)
!WARNING! There might be repeats(i don't know) , please bear with me if there are
  1. BBall (doh)
  2. Morals (Confuscious says...)
  3. Dota (OWNING!)
  4. Cooking healthy food (think detox)
  5. Indoor Designs (without license one )
  6. Sleeping (honestly i sleep alot)
  7. Communicating with pals (No I dont flirt over the phone)
  8. Playing PS2 (when can i buy my ps3! =( )
  9. Getting Work Done (probably why some ppl hate me)
  10. Helping Others (c'mon , if you're reading this, i am helping you)
  11. Philosphy (this is like confuscious without the beard)
  12. Writing (mm i prefer to type)
  13. Management ( think CEO kind of stuff)
  14. Business (honestly its more like doing it than the thing itself)
  15. Health (more like interested, you cant really "do" health can you?)
  16. Health Foods (directly off 15. )
  17. Marketing (not buying fish, but means pushing sales)
  18. Value adding to people's life (like how i am doing that for you now)
  19. Pens (my dream is to own a blue mount blanc pen S$450)
  20. Counselling (please dont go around asking for my number now)
  21. Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP - its not what you think pervert guys)
  22. Financial Knowledge (aiya basically earning $)
  23. Computer knowledge (everything about computers gives me a headache)
  24. Web-Designing (but never gonna design one i guess)
  25. Interior Designing (seems like a repeat? i like it)
  26. Quality Control (its a technical term for " Power la!")
  27. How to speed up your PC (no i dont charge consultation fees)
  28. Product Creation (did i mention i was creative?)
  29. Coaching BBall (oh passion ! pure love! jordan!)
  30. Coaching Studies ( seeing my students get A1s is so satisfying)
  31. Coaching Finance Stuff (so you can buy from me next time)
  32. Doing HouseWork (Its a family culture)
  33. Keeping room tidy (I dont believe in the theory of "organised mess")
  34. Keeping in touch with friends (w/o touching them)
  35. Going into biz with friends (biz is shortform for business)
  36. Sharing good stuff with pals (did i say this 3 times? i am doing this now!)
  37. Cycling (my bike will crush under my weight so... :X)
  38. Doing charity (i am a "world peace" guy)
  39. Building systems ( like biz systems .. did you remember what biz stood for?)
  40. Upgrading personal skills (esp when its sponsored by authorities)
  41. Improving handwriting skills (i am obssessed with my handwriting sometimes)
  42. Reading good content books (like Road Map to Become a Blogger)
  43. Listening to meaningful music (Heal the world.. make it a better place..)
  44. Acting as a peace ambassador (amongst my pals.. I dont intend to represent Sgpore)
  45. Finding and learning new stuff (mmm not applicable to girlfriends)
  46. Helping others achieve their goals (no i dont teach soccer =.= )
  47. Self Improvement (I believe i mentioned this twice.. mmm)
  48. Being Neat ("Organised Mess" is a myth)
  49. Being Disciplined (hey i typed all of the above out, what did u expect?)
  50. Giving talks to people (not the preaching kind )
  51. Treating friends and families to dinner (on occasions which i choose - so dont bother)
  52. Doing things tgt with friends (think the above , just add my friends in)
  53. Researching areas of interest (whow imagine.. i research so many stuff above..>.<)
  54. Modelling the success of others ( if you can't beat them then join them)
  55. Trying out new stuff (I dont drink , I dont smoke, I dont do drugs , thanks)
  56. Internet Marketing (cause i am lazy)
  57. Blogging (stupid me, now then type this! doh! =.= )
  58. Watching Movies ( X-men ,ironman, spiderman, superman)

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