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A simple forest life in the cities ?

monk-med-stream-1024x768 This is probably going to be a long post (I don’t know , I haven’t written it yet!) .

Since a very young age – like 6-7 ? , i’ve loved the nature environment a “forest” provides , back when I was young, kids would like to spend their time at the “Fitness Corner” playing the balance beams, the monkey bars and what not , but I would spend my time near an area surrounded by trees (maybe that’s why I made it into the TAF club – a club for overweight personnel) , didnt enjoy much company either, preferring always to be alone and just soaking it all  up , *ah* =)

This habit prevailed even as I “aged” , moving to my teenage years, always preferring to go to the areas with more trees – again right beside the fitness corner! – and always preferring to keep to my own thoughts .

Well, all these builds up to my main topic today, can we live a simple “Forest” life in the cities? I mention “forest” because of the origin of my thoughts . Which are the forest monastery situated in malaysia & thailand , I could only read about them, which typically goes like (I apologise for any mis-representations , its only the way I percieve it)

4am Wake Up

4.30am - 6am Meditation

6am – 7am Chanting

7am – 8am Preparations

8am – 11am AlmsRound

11am – 12pm Meal

12pm – 4pm Own Time Own Target

4pm – 6pm Daily Chores (Sweeping the floor…etc)

6pm – 7pm Chanting

7pm onwards Meditation/Weekly Meetings etc

11pm Lights Out

The closest type of life that I have to this was actually.. in NS’s BMT ! To be honest, I totally enjoyed the life inside as it brings about a sense of inner peace within , there was no need to rush anywhere, every activity was well planned and well executed, it was  a simple and peaceful life.

But in modern day society , is that possible to lead such a simple life ? I don’t know about you, but that question remains unsolved for me, its still a mystery in every way.

One of the things that makes life complicated … for me

Msn, Facebook.. the COMPUTER , how much of the computer do we use for fulfilling our duties (work/study etc) and how much of it are we using to fulfil our WANTS ?(videos/dramas/music)

Will I be able to establish a “Forest” within this concrete surrounding? Can life be simpler?

Afterall, there are only 4 basic needs in our life

Food , Shelter , Clothing , Medicine

What more do we need ?

Ok truth be told, company of the right kind seems kinda important to me as well.. but well that kinda doesnt make life all too complex does it ?

A forest city life… even the english sounds wrong.. but is it truly impossible?

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