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What does being an entrepreneur mean to me?

earth-in-hands-small I used to think about the plans of setting up my company and expanding it to a huge enterprise whilst “value adding” to my customers and earning a passive income was the most “successful” thing in one’s career…

But as the years pass by (and pass by) , I realised that the places I personally like to visit for services (i.e. sports injury , shops , financial consultants etc) are not those big “enterprise” nor MNCs. I find them too commercialised and lacking in that “human touch” , the people who serve these companies hardly has any passion for the job or whatsoever!

Something then dawned upon me that… maybe the greatest gift that being an entrepreneur can give me, is that I can decide what kind of benefits my workers will get, how I can help my workers foster a friendly working environment where they’ll look forward to working everyday ! Isn’t it great to know that one has the privilege of being to be in the position to dictate other people’s life and put it to good use?

I personally find it a big waste to be in a high position where many people’s life literally depend on you for a living and all I can think of is how I can earn more money, build more branches and how much more I can….I would want to….all I I I I I I I I !!!

Is this what life is about for me? Wasting the wonderful opportunities all for myself?

No. Definitely not, most absolutely not.

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